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TRACE-THEM - TRAnsparent LoCalisation and idEntification Through HEterogeneous Meta sensor correlation

TRACE-THEM is a project cofinanced by the 6th call of the EraSME Programme, the Regional Government of Tuscany (Italy) and Wallonia (Belgium). The project started in April 2010 and is now officially closed.

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The aim of TRACE-THEM project was to research and define a new framework and middleware functions for localisation and tracking services.


TRACE-THEM aim was to extend and adapt interfaces of existing, heterogeneous systems in order to develop a new platform.


The developed platform is thus able to manage different localisation tracking or identification technologies transparently, meaning without constrains related to the specific network of data generation sensors, and to exploit the best localisation data by adding smart algorithms at middleware level.


Through TRACE-THEM, deployed technologies for localisation and identification have become meta-data generators or meta-sensors and brand new technologies like video analytics applied to localisation and tracking have been researched and applied.


The aim of guaranteeing confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of information; flexibility and re-configurability to privacy policies was accomplished.


See the Reference System and Achitecture for Simulation and Validation!

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